Pod-Like Capsule ‘Air Lair’ Passenger Seating Concept

Here’s a unique passenger seating concept. My initial reaction to the design is “ehh… I don’t think so… too confining.” I’m not so certain I’d like to sit in a pod on a long-haul international flight.

Using a projector for in-flight entertainment is a giant step backwards in my opinion. And how many people would be willing to climb up and sit on the top level?

The seat is purported to be fully lie-flat, so that’s a plus (and necessity for any new design these days).

What’s your opinion?


  1. I like it. Anything that allows me to lie down for cheap works for me. I’ll climb to the top too. Don’t care. Just drinks, some entertainment, and most importantly, SLEEP. (I’m 6’3″ so I place a HUGE premium on larger seats).

  2. I’ll take a lie-flat pod over a cramped economy seat for any flights of over 4-5hrs. It’s only inconvenient for people who are disabled or “of size”.

  3. Does this type of seat slow down the emergency exits? would overhead bins continue to exist?

    1x2x1 with twin aisles on a narrowbody can’t be that good for the economics.

  4. Climbing in and out might not be all that much fun for those of size or those with infirmities.

    A “projection screen”?

    What do parents traveling with children do?

    How do FA’s check seat belts on?

    How long until the mile high club jokes begin? And what about when people try to join the club in flight?

    Did anyone do market research before funding this prototype?

    Is this a hoax?

  5. Im def open to this. Lie-flat and no-fat (people next to you taking your space)? how can you not be interested? Hopefully some airline experiments with it and lets the marketplace decide whether it works or not.

  6. Fantastic idea! Would gladly take this over a regular coach or business class seat. No more breathing others fart gas…great for flights in excess of 2 hours…

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