Poll: Amenity Kit Review Scale – Should I Change It?

I just published my latest amenity kit review and I got to thinking… is my scale totally ridiculous? Who the hell ranks things on a 7-point scale?

Here was my original reasoning for a 7-point scale:

The 7-point scale should be self-explanatory and provides a bit more wiggle room than a 5-pointer. I hate the surveys out there with ranges from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree,” or just a straight 1 to 10 scale, which in my opinion tends to cause people to focus on the extremes. Instead, my scale leaves room for a complete neutral middle ground of ‘adequate’ with extremes of ‘awful’ and ‘exceptional.

I still hold firm that a 5-point scale leaves too little wiggle room. It seems to work for hotel reviews and rankings, but I’m pretty critical in my amenity kit reviews and I want to reward (or punish) airlines that provide exceptional (or awful) amenities with a broader scale.

I originally wanted to be unique, but I’ve gotten over myself and realize people might look at my reviews saying, “What the ****?”

And so I leave it to you. What would you like the scale to be?

[poll id=”9″]

Please also feel free to comment your hearts out… I won’t be offended. 🙂 And if the results reveal you’d prefer a new scale, I will definitely go back and adjust all of my old reviews.


  1. It’s not confusing if you know those are the parameters. Plus, it’s not so much the numbers per se, as the overall review and comments you make.

    Plus, wouldn’t you have to go back and re-rate everything so that it is consistent moving forward.

  2. I like your 7 point scale: it allows for precision as well as a neutral rating.

    Though I agree with Barry, I’m a big fan of the reviews. So keep them coming! 🙂

  3. Well, I wouldn’t necessarily be as forward as Michael, but I personally think they’re all about the “same” – I just use what I need/want to use, then toss the rest. I do really enjoy many of your write-ups!

  4. I think it is perfectly acceptable to have your own 7 point evaluation scale… It’s a pretty unique evaluation and why shouldn’t it be a little different…

  5. 10 points. It gives you that nice middle of the road vote. HOw about adding a section “What should be in the kits.” Hopefully the airlines will listen.

    My item that should be in the kits…gum and bring back the old eye masks. For some flights, I would have settled for duct tape. 🙂

  6. 10 points definately, as amenity kit other than the bag’s usefuless and style, it can be rated with the amount of items, high end or low end skin care products, not to mention the brand of the bag. Like for example, TG F’s Rimowa would be rated as a 10, although LH F also have Rimowa, but overall the kit would only be rated as 7, as the products inside are both cheap and lacking.

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