R.I.P. United Airlines Mileage Plus numbers, OnePass numbers prevail

I’m saddened by the confirmation today that United Airlines will use OnePass numbers, but understand since Continental’s reservations system, SHARES, is winning out in the merger. I’ve had my 001## ### ### number emblazoned in my brain since 1988. It will live on, though, on my very sturdy bag tags United used to mail out to elites back in the late-80s and early-90s. Here’s the link with the information, as well as UA Insider’s information from MilePoint below:

a group of credit cards

a screenshot of a email


  1. I’m going to miss my MP # too. I enrolled in 1981, when numbers were only six digits long, and when they convereted to 11 digits, I got a number starting with 000

  2. I don’t know. I am pretty please with this. It is a whole lot easier to memorize an 8 character string with two letters than an 11 digit number.

  3. For those of you with retiring MP numbers, put them to good use as online passwords. Just add a character or two fore and aft and perhaps truncate a bit. I’m thinking of UA00009999bye format.

    For most users, that would be a significant improvement.

  4. At least with the UA format a smart agent may realize that OH this passenger has been around for a long time, the CO number means nothing, I have an old number from 91 thats WVxxxxxx and my new number JRxxxxx (didnt realize I had an old number when I had them add one)

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