Ranking the 19 amenity kits I’ve reviewed to date

I started my Amenity Kit Review series shortly after I launched the blog back in 2010 and have reviewed a total of 19 kits so far. Fellow blogger AAdvantage Geek asked me not so long ago if one of the kits I reviewed scored at the top and to be honest, I wasn’t exactly sure.

For my own interest and perhaps yours, here’s a rundown of the kits I’ve reviewed and their scores. I realize now that I might have been a bit too harsh on a couple of my original reviews – namely the United First Class kit from 2010 and American’s Premium First/Business kit from the same year. That said, I’ll let the scores stand as they’ve since been retired (and thankfully pre-merger United’s 2010/2011 version of the Business Class kit is gone, which came in dead last).

Here’s a link to my review criteria, categories and scoring system (1 is “awful” and a top score of 7 is “exceptional”).

From highest to lowest:

1 – Thai Airways Royal First Class (2011)Score: 6.50

T2 – Cathay Pacific First Class women’s kit (early 2011 version)Score: 6.00

        British Airways First Class (2011)Score: 6.00

4 – Lufthansa First Class (Bogner kit 2010)Score: 5.90

5 – Asiana Airlines First Class (2011)Score: 5.85

6 – Cathay Pacific First Class men’s kit (early 2011 version) Score: 5.50

T7 – Air Berlin Business ClassScore: 5.00

        American Airlines Premium First/Business kit (2011)Score: 5.00

T9 – Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class (2011)Score: 4.85

        Asiana Airlines Business Class (2011)Score: 4.85

        Virgin Australia Business Class (2011)Score: 4.85

        United Airlines BusinessFirst (2012)Score: 4.85

T13 – Continental Airlines BusinessFirst (2010)Score: 4.75

Delta Air Lines Business Elite (2012)Score: 4.75

15 – Air Tahiti Nui Peorava Business Class (2012)Score: 4.50

16 – United Airlines First Class (2010)Score 4.45

17 – American Airlines Premium First/Business kit (2010)Score: 4.15

18 – Delta Air Lines Busines Elite (2011)Score: 3.95

19 – United Airlines Business Class (2010)Score: 2.90

I have many more kits yet to review, including some that have already met their retirement. But since I’m such a fanatic about these things, you’ll certainly see them posted in the future.

Would you have ranked some of these differently?



    • @Naif: I need to get my hands on the first three. Sadly, Singapore Airlines doesn’t provide actual kits (in business class, anyway)… just individual amenities, most of which are in the lavs.

  1. rating these kits are so subjective. some ppl will like stuff that you don’t like. it’s just like a food/restaurant review. everyone has different tastes.

  2. I actually don’t fly Korean. I just get spare kits from friends. The bag feels really cheap.Haven’t tried the eye gell but the face cream is pretty good and the lipbalm is o.k. There is also a comb/brush combo and a toothbrush. Seems skimpy to me but I have no clue what is on the plane.

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