Singapore Airlines Unveils New First Class, Business and Coach Seat Designs

Moments ago, Singapore Airlines unveiled its next generation seats for long-haul international First Class (Suites), Business Class and economy.

The seats are expected to first debut on the airline’s newest Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, and may eventually appear fleet-wide.

For full coverage, be sure to follow Australian Business Traveller online or on Twitter, as they are live at the event.

The new First Class “mini-suite” has a high-wall design and features a 35-inch wide seat with 82-inches of pitch (up from the current 80″). It’s a departure from the airline’s current enclosed first class “chamber,” however:

a woman sitting in a chair on an airplane

Singapore Airlines First Class Suite

And Business Class is still very private and spacious with seats featuring 28-inches of width, converting into 78-inch long beds using the same flip-over design as presently seen (but recline has increased to 132-degrees from 128-degrees). Book me here, please… and on the window, of course.

a woman sitting in a chair in an airplane

Singapore Airlines First Class Suite

As far as economy, well… you be the judge (photo from Charles on Instagram: below)

a pair of seats with a screen on the back

Read the report on Singapore Air’s new First Class Suites here, and their Business Class offering here.

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  1. @The Weekly Flyer: Singapore has always been amazing, right? I can’t wait to try these new seats… but call me cautious in that I hate “wide” seats where I can’t rest both arms comfortably at the same time. These seats seem to do the same. #firstworldproblems

  2. I will miss the F suites with the door that closes for privacy

    What does it mean that the business class flip over bed has a recline of 132 degrees? That doesn’t sound comfortable for sleeping. Or is that the recline when in seat mode?

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