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Vintage Airline Seat Map: TWA L-1011 TriStar (Domestic)

I previously posted the international configuration of a TWA L-1011-100 TriStar and I’ve selected the airline’s domestic version for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. This L-1011 also had three classes of service, but the business class – Ambassador Class – cabin was in a 2 x 4 x 2 layout versus the more…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: TWA Boeing 747-100

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I bring you a Trans World Airlines Boeing 747-100 from the early 1980s. Divided into three cabins, this workhorse of TWA’s international operations seated 21 passengers in First Class, 52 in Ambassador Class (Business) and 359 in coach. Pan Am also filled the pointy section up…

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Vintage Airline Seat Map: TWA L-1011-100 TriStar

I selected the Trans World Airlines Lockheed TriStar (TWA) L-1011-100 for this week’s Vintage Airline Seat Map. This is the three-cabin domestic and international version with 18 First Class, 40 Ambassador Class (business class), and 214 coach seats. You’d definitely find me in row 2 if I were in first class (2A probably), row 7,…

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