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Air Traffic Controller Responds to Airliner Engine Explosion With ‘Lovely’

A Thomas Cook Airbus A330 departing yesterday from Manchester Airport in the UK experienced what most are calling a right engine compressor stall on takeoff thrust. A popular plane-spotter captured it on video, and it’s certainly worth a watch – not only for the “lovely” comment by an air traffic controller (I’ll put it in…

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United Airlines’ ‘Geeks United’ Video Montage During the Star MegaDO

Remember the “Geeks United” contest where United gave away a seat on the Star Alliance MegaDO last month? You had to submit a 30-second video showing just how geeky you are about United and their fleet. I sent in an entry in hopes of winning, thinking I had a fighting chance. Well… I didn’t win,…

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United Announces ‘Geeks’ Video Contest Winner: My Submission

I posted last week about the “Geeks United†contest where United Airlines is giving away a seat on the upcoming Star Alliance MegaDo. To enter, you had to submit a “30-second video showcasing just how geeky you are when it comes to our fleet.†As I hadn’t bought a ticket for the MegaDO (I really…

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United Airlines Star MegaDO ‘Geeks’ Video Contest

In catching up with things I missed while I was offline these past couple of weeks, I see United has a nifty contest out there for a chance to win a seat on the upcoming Star Alliance MegaDO. I made a video and submitted it today via the simple process explained here. There is a…

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