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American Airlines A319 Cabin Specs: Coach Recline Exceeds First Class?

American took delivery of its first Airbus A319 this week and has published the cabin specs (and more) on their website. What strikes me as odd is that first class recline is only 3-inches, whereas regular coach offers 4-inches with Main Cabin Extra getting 6-inches. Is that an error? United, by contrast, offers 6-inches of…

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American’s ‘Preferred Seat’ Allocation a Bit Excessive?

Besides booking a ride on the United 787 today, I’m also looking into future travels on American Airlines. Happily, I’m Executive Platinum due to their very generous status match of United 1Ks (I was Gold before the match). And while I enjoy complimentary access to American’s “Preferred Seats,†I never really paid attention until now…

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American Airlines announces fleet-wide Main Cabin Extra seating

American Airlines today announced they will be overhauling their entire mainline fleet to include extra legroom seating in economy, effectively matching United’s Economy Plus and Delta’s Economy Comfort offering. The new ‘Main Cabin Extra’ seats will feature four to six inches of additional legroom and include early boarding privileges. AAdvantage Executive Platinum, Platinum and full-fare…

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