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Elite Perks at Hotels Are Great, but Outreach Keeps Me Loyal

When it comes to having elite status with a hotel, my two favorite perks are by far free Wi-Fi and access to the club lounge. I also appreciate the other amenities that vary by hotel chain – and even brand within a chain – including room upgrades and welcome gifts (free bottled water, food platters,…

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United Airlines Economy Plus marketing fail

In reviewing a seat map for an upcoming trip, I noticed something unusual on my Embraer 145 ExpressJet flight – rows one and 12 were showing as Economy Plus. Odd, I thought, since I’ve never seen that before having flown on ERJ-145s previously and while there is a touch more legroom, it’s certainly not what…

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Quick poll: Which United Airlines ad appeals to you more?

Advertising is an art and I always take a critical eye given my minor in marketing in college and additionally earned a Master’s in Marketing Communications. It’s impossible to create a campaign that everyone equally finds effective and appealing, but that’s just the way people are. I recently posted a disagreement over on Matthew’s blog…

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