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Video: Conceptual Tour Inside Aeroflot’s Boeing 777-300 Aircraft

Aeroflot Russian Airlines recently released a video showing the planned configuration of their Boeing 777-300s. From what I could find online, it appears their first four will be delivered next year. Wikipedia reports Aeroflot ordered a total of 16. President Class (business class) looks comfy in a 2-2-2 configuration. The seats are ever so slightly…

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Video: Lufthansa Airlines celebrates 50 years of service

The dates are actually questionable as to when Lufthansa Airlines really celebrated their proper 50th anniversary. 1955 was the year the carrier began flying again after the second world war, so many consider that “date” as the record of official launch. I disagree since their origins date back to services operated in 1926. And so,…

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Video: United Airlines Friends & Family Day at San Francisco Airport

This week’s video is another one by yours truly summarizing the United Airlines Friends & Family event at San Francisco Airport on October 10, 2010. United was gracious enough to invite some Flyertalkers to the event, and I flew up to enjoy the day. I missed out by minutes seeing the United 747 Golden Gate…

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