The Evolution of Airline Logos and Branding

Here’s an interesting look at the evolution of various airline logos, some going as far back nearly 90 years.

My favorites are Air France (1970-2004), American Airlines (1960-2013), Monarch (2002-2009), Qantas (1984-2007), Swissair (1981-2002), and the Saul Bass United Airlines design (1974-1993).

Which are your favorites?

a group of logos with text

Thanks to @AirlineSector for tweeting this out yesterday, as I missed it when it was published last month. For the full-size version, click here.

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  1. It’s great thanks.
    Please note though that Swiss International Airlines does not come from Swissair but from Crossair. When Swissair went bankrupt, Crossair bought the planes, routes and everything and changed name to become the national carrier to Swiss international airlines.
    Can I use it on my blog (in French) though?

  2. @Philippe: Thanks for the background on Swiss/Crossair. The infographic came from and they have an embed code that you can use to add it to your blog, as I did here.

  3. How interesting. I had no idea that the DL and UA logos had change so much during my lifetime. And that early logo for BA…wow, that looks dated!

    Thanks for sharing!

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