The Most Disgusting Airline Omelette Ever

The omelettes United Airlines serves on domestic and international flights catered here in the U.S. are actually pretty tasty. It can vary slightly being a cheese fold-over or in some cases more of an herbed scrambled egg.

But having had it probably hundreds of times, I’ve grown completely tired of it and whenever possible, opt for the other breakfast selection(s). Plus, if I have to taste that lukewarm turkey sausage patty one more time I think I’ll puke. (I do like the potato gratin thing, if that’s any consolation.)

Anyway, on my flight from Sydney to San Francisco last week I decided to be daring and request the omelette for breakfast, knowing it was prepared and catered in Australia. Here’s the description from the menu

Cheese Omelette

Tomato salsa, bacon and chicken sausage

And here’s what I got:

a plate of breakfast on a table

A United Airlines “omelette”

It was by far the driest, crustiest and most tasteless thing I think I’ve ever had on United. I’m going to blame the flight attendants for excessively overheating it, as I bet it looked decent prior to popping it in the oven. If there was cheese in it, it had hardened to a brick or fused into the “egg†and I couldn’t find a moist bite out of it. The tomato salsa did little to improve it.

I know, this is a #firstworldproblem to the extreme, but I bet what coach received was far better. This was just nasty.

I’ll have a full trip report of my Oz excursion in the future, but first I realize that I need to finish the last installment of my Million-Mile Trip Report. Stay tuned!

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  1. The omelette that I had the other day on United in Business Class, that came as part of a gluten free breakfast, was absolutely filthy, catered out of SFO. Presumably it’s the same omelette as everyone else had, since, even for US caterers, it’s a stretch to add chemicals with gluten to an omelette. It was simply rubber – vile!

  2. United’s meals have gone downhill since the merger.

    That doesn’t even look like an omelette, looks more like an empanada!

  3. I flew this route (SYD-SFO) in Global First about 3 months ago. The poached eggs I had on that flight were abhorrent. I couldn’t even stomach the first bite. They were far worse than any of the Economy breakfasts I ever had on Qantas, so I’m not sure what United’s catering issue is with Syd

  4. I had exactly the same breakfast just few days ago on NRT-IAD and it was just as dissapointing. Maybe they’ve changed catering because this was probably the worst United breakfast I had. I would have picked something else, but I woke up late and this was the only choice left.

  5. 01Dec,2013 flight from SFO-FRA (11:00 hour flight)breakfast before Landing in FRA in Coach was a half soaked Croissant/Bun with about 8 dice size melon pieces. The worst breakfast in my 56 years of flying with United.

  6. Similar disgusting lukewarm mushy turkey sausage on PEK-IAD Global First. Made the mistake of tasting it and it made me sick. United continues to downgrade every aspect of FC. I will only fly United if every other airline is unavailable.

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