Today I am grateful for…

Today will bring a deservingly enormous amount of media coverage to the events from 10 years ago and I was wavering on whether or not to make a special post. All of us have a story of that day and the impact to air travel has been enormous, but instead of posting about my experience 10 years ago with commentary on our air transportation system, I’m going to share my gratitude list for this otherwise incredibly somber anniversary.

Today I remind myself just how grateful I am for:

  • My unconditionally loving family
  • Having a few incredibly close friends who I cherish
  • Being employed continuously for the last several years
  • Having a roof over my head and food in my refrigerator
  • My health and sanity
  • The mistakes I’ve made in my life
  • Being able to freely travel the world
  • Pilots, flight attendants and all airline employees
  • The joy my pets have brought me through the years
  • Not having a car payment
  • The rain in Los Angeles yesterday
  • My iPhone
  • Having watched an incredible semifinal match between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic yesterday at the US Open

So, while it will be nearly impossible to not think about the tragedy at some time during the day, I hope you, too, will count your blessings and remind yourself of what you’re grateful for.


  1. This was incredibly touching. Thank you for sharing such warm, loving, heartfelt feelings on this special day of remembrance.

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