Top 10 Amenity Kit Reviews Plus a New Index Page

I’ve reviewed 48 amenity kits to date here on Frequently Flying and bring you the latest “top 10†list below. When I began my Amenity Kit Review series in 2010, I developed a 7-point scoring system as follows:

a black and white image of a scale

Amenity kit review scale

And earlier this year, I put out a poll asking you, my faithful readers, if I should change it to a more traditional 5- or 10-point scale. While a 10-pointer was shown to be most preferred, I was surprised at how many of you voted for my existing system. As such, I’m leaving it alone for now, though I could be persuaded otherwise in the future. 😉

Here’s the current top 10:

  1. Thai Airways Royal First Class (Rimowa) – Score: 6.50/7.00
  2. Thai Airways Royal First Class (Men’s Tumi) – Score: 6.40/7.00
  3. Emirates First Class (Women’s) – Score: 6.25/7.00
  4. Air Astana Long-Haul Business Class (Men’s) – Score: 6.05/7.00
  5. British Airways First Class (Anya Hindmarch) – Score: 6.00/7.00
  6. Cathay Pacific First Class (Women’s Ipa-Nima) – Score: 6.00/7.00
  7. Lufthansa First Class (Men’s Bogner) – Score: 5.90/7.00
  8. United Airlines Global First Class – Score: 5.88/7.00
  9. Asiana Airlines First Class – Score: 5.85/7.00
  10. Singapore Airlines First Class (Sothys) – Score: 5.58/7.00

New Amenity Kit Review Index Page

Also, I created a new index page for all of my reviews, which ends up being a bit easier to scan than the category listing. It’s found at the top of my blog directly underneath my header image.

a website with a plane flying over the world

Amenity kit review index

I’ll be sure to update the index with each new review and I’m looking forward to continuing this series in the years to come.

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  1. I’m surprised to see the Thai F ones on top, I have both and wasn’t particularly impressed with either. Singapore isn’t really an amenity kit, it’s a lotion bag.

  2. @ Kris – Because it is Rimowa ! When you fly more different airlines in F and C, you would find all of them have the same or similiar kit with the exception of Rimowa being one of a kind. Even if it is not Rimowa, the Tumi kit is a nice quality bag (the reuse rate is higher than the DL Tumi bag as the TG one is bigger), and it does have F quality toiletries in it which are Hermes. You don’t find Hermes exist on any other airlines F kit and very few hotels actually use it (only those ultra high end ones, not even Ritz Carlton). If you don’t like them do you want to give/sell them to me ? I would certainly want both !
    @ Darren – I was surprised LH’s Bogna crap not in the last, until I click on the link I saw it was one reviewed back in 2010 where it still had the Clarins stuff in it. If you do a review on the current Bogna, I would definately give the lowest score ever ! I was also surprised OZ F kit wasn’t no.3 or no.4, given it has the same Bvlgari products like EK, but only different line (EK use red tea, OZ use white tea).

  3. @Kris: I think any Rimowa (Thai, EVA, LH, etc) will likely always be on top. And at least Thai stocks theirs with a huge amount of useful and unique amenities.
    @ORDnHKG: Yeah, those were my early days in reviewing kits and the LH Bogner kit might not score as well if I redid it.

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