Top 10 Viewed Vintage Airline Seat Maps

Instead of posting a new Vintage Airline Seat Map this week, I decided to take a look at my site’s analytics and post the top 10 viewed seat maps since I began blogging in 2010. Obviously the earlier maps have had more opportunity for greater pageviews, but the top 10 didn’t come as a surprise to me. And I’ve published 73 maps since I introduced Frequently Flying in December 2010. Here’s the list and links:

  1. American Airlines Boeing 707-123
  2. United Airlines DC-10-10
  3. American Airlines Boeing 747-100
  4. American Airlines Boeing 747-SP
  5. United Airlines Boeing 737-200
  6. United Airlines Boeing 747-SP
  7. American Airlines Boeing 707-323
  8. United Airlines DC-8-52
  9. Pan Am Boeing 747
  10. TWA Boeing 747-100

One of my favorites didn’t make the cut and came in at #22, so as an honorable mention check out:

Continental Airlines DC-10-10 Pub Configuration

Happy Thanksgiving Weekend!

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