Travel tips from an expert murderer: Showtime’s Dexter Morgan

I’m a huge fan of Dexter on Showtime and when I saw an article this week entitled “Travel Tips From Dexter Morgan,†I had to find out how the author linked the gruesomeness of the character with travel tips. If you watch the show you know Dexter follows a code to avoid having his “dark demon†discovered. Here are “his†travel tips with my additional input.

Be Organized:

a close-up of a white backgroundI, too, am incredibly efficient and have a routine down when going through security. Pre-arrival at the airport I have my pockets cleared (except my driver’s license) and my belt is already in my carry-on bag. My phone quickly goes into my bag as I approach the security lane and I pass through with the quickest ease these days.

Prepare For Anything:

a blue and black textI absolutely always have a list of alternate flights to be rebooked on in the event of a cancellation or delay that will screw up a trip or mileage run. Airlines might have one route to get you to your destination, but I always have mileage-maximizing alternatives ready. Gate agents tend to side with you when things go awry.

Stay Cool:

a close-up of a white backgroundI can’t agree here more. Yes it is incredibly frustrating and stressful when flights cancel or a delay will cause you to misconnect, but composure is essential. Again, if you’ve planned ahead you can suggest alternate routings. If you didn’t, that’s fine, too, but be patient. The agent you’re working with has absolutely nothing to do with the reason for your inconvenience and should never take the brunt of any type of anger.

Know Your Limits:

a close-up of a white backgroundI guess this really comes without saying. Plan your budget for your trip and you’ll be fine. Timelines can go astray, but again I’m always realistic about things and perhaps buffer in too much time between locations or events. It makes for a far less stressful journey and I’ve found that the extra time allows for even more adventure.

Leave No Trace:

a close-up of a signI don’t know about you, but when I check-out of a hotel room I wipe down the bathroom sink, hang the towels, partially make the bed – organize the pillows and bring the covers up – and throw away any trash left about. I just think it’s the courteous thing to do and have done it consistently. Same with car rentals, although I don’t rent too many these days.

The article offers great advice and I never would have thought to compare Dexter’s rituals with a travel routine. Kudos to the author for his unique insight into how a (potentially) sinister television character could show us how to travel more efficiently.


  1. Actually, I’m only a neat freak when traveling. My office is a wreck and my house only gets organized when I have people over. 🙂 Thanks for the compliment!

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