TSA PreCheck for International Itineraries to Begin, Plus More

There’s good news out of the TSA today that those of us approved for PreCheck will no longer be denied access to the lanes if we’re on an international itinerary. Well, I should say most international itineraries.

According to their announcement today (bolding mine):

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) announced today that beginning May 7, 2013, in addition to domestic travel, TSA Pre✓™ participants will be eligible for expedited screening on select international travel itineraries.

The TSA, of course, didn’t expand on what “select†encompasses. Also from the release, inbound passengers to the U.S. with PreCheck will be able to use the lanes after clearing customs:

In addition, passengers with connecting domestic flights who arrive in the United States on an international flight may use the TSA Pre✓™ lanes when going through the screening process at participating airports after being cleared by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Also, the new identifier on printed and most mobile boarding passes denoting PreCheck acceptance should be in place for Delta, United and US Airways fliers by this week.

a close up of a ticket

TSA PreCheck Boarding Pass Identifier

I’m flying United later in the week and should be able to confirm. Have you seen it on your boarding passes yet?



  1. I saw the preCheck on my BP today when flying US (DCA-LGA). Unfortunately the precheck option closes at 630pm and I was there at 642pm

  2. I had the Pre-Check on my UA boarding pass this week. Interestingly the TSA employee at first screening point where they check if you are Pre-Check eligible complained that it’s printed on there, said that the TSA doesn’t want the airlines printing it, and says they don’t accept that as proof, you must scan the BP to get the three beeps. Note, this wasn’t the ID checkpoint where they scan it again, this was the pre-pre-check where they tell you which lane…

  3. Wait, it gets better. Same itinerary, the next day (today), for whatever reason this UA BP doesn’t have “Pre-Check” printed on it. But the airport has Pre-Check and I try to use it. TSA person says, you can’t use Pre-Check, it’s not printed on your boarding pass. I politely ask if they will please scan the BP. TSA person is reluctant, saying if it’s not printed on it, you didn’t get Pre-check today. But the 3 magic beeps do appear.

    The only thing different about this BP is that it was generated by the automatic round trip return check-in feature and emailed to me. Maybe those don’t get it printed on them.

    TSA, where every encounter is different and they claim that is by design.

    • @Carl: Oy, glad the TSA agent was willing to scan your BP today. And interesting… I wonder if the auto-check-in feature inhibits the identifier.
      @Hing: I know, right? It’s like 1990 security all over again – love it! Good luck on your upcoming trip!

  4. I love going through the Pre✓™ line. The average time it’s taken me to get through security each time has been about 1 minute. I’m flying to Stockholm this Thursday via SFO-EWR-ARN, so I’ll see if I get cleared internationally.

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