United Airlines Global First Lounge Shower Room Amenities

I visited United’s Global First Class lounges in Tokyo and San Francisco on my mileage run last week and I took advantage of the shower rooms offered in each in hopes of adding to my amenity kit collection.

Truth be told, I had freshly showered at my hotel in Tokyo before arriving at the airport, but I was keen to see if the former Murad kits had been swapped out for newer ones since my last visit in 2010. Sadly, there was no wrapped kit, but instead individual bottles of Plegaria shampoo, conditioner, body wash and lotion, along with a toothbrush, toothpaste and comb.

a toothbrush and toothbrush next to small bottles of toothbrush

United Airlines Global First Shower Room Amenities in Tokyo

I did end up taking a shower (why not?!), but didn’t use the delicious smelling Plegaria products as I wanted to save them for my collection. And my Google search skills must be failing as I can’t seem to find Plegaria products online. The English part of the blurb on the bottles note they’re made in Thailand. I’d love to order retail-size versions.

On my arrival in San Francisco, I skipped the Arrivals Lounge that’s on the lower level after exiting customs having been there before and being unimpressed with the food offerings. In retrospect, I should have visited just to see if anything had changed, as well as pick up more amenities. Ah well… I’m a bad blogger. Instead, I re-cleared security immediately and headed to the Global First lounge.

Here, I definitely wanted a shower and after a quick nosh, I asked to use one of the two shower rooms available to passengers. Towels and an amenity kit were promptly provided.

a blue bag with a clear bag inside

United Airlines Global First Lounge Shower Amenity Kit SFO

The zipper bag itself isn’t really anything special or luxe, but I’m happy to have received one. Inside an internal plastic pouch are small tubes of conditioning shampoo, body wash, facial cleanser, shaving cream, body lotion and facial moisturizer. They’re not branded, but are remarkably similar in appearance and scent of the previous Murad offerings.

a close-up of a travel bag

United Global First Lounge Shower Kit Contents

Also included with the kit: a small circular stick of deodorant, razor, Colgate toothpaste, toothbrush (identical to the one found in the Global First amenity kit) and a folding brush/comb. I do quite like the individual amenities as opposed to mass-use versions found in other shower rooms, usually in business class lounges.

I’ll have a detailed lounge review of the Tokyo location coming up shortly here on Frequently Flying, as well as a look at the ANA Suite Lounge and a San Francisco to Tokyo flight review in Global First.

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  1. The NRT IFL still had the Murad amenity kits when I visited on the 13th of January. The agent did have to search for one in the back, so I suppose it is possible that I took the last one..

    • @FriendlySkies: Thanks for the info… I also read on FT that another person received an actual kit this month, too. No biggie, as I was happy to discover Plegaria.

  2. When I was at AF Lounge-CDG several months ago, there’s a posted sign advising users not to remove the amenities kit from the shower room. They use L’Occitane stuff.

  3. This is very interesting, I wonder why they wouldn’t ask Philosophy to design a new shower kit for them, since Philosphy have all the skincare and bath products, instead they would choose the old kit and now filled with unbranded products. Btw, does it say anything at the back of those tubes ? Like manufacturer ? or made in ?

    • @ORDnHKG: The bottles simply read, “Made in China Exclusively for WEESCO International.” I know WEESCO is a major amenity kit manufacturer, fwiw.

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