United Airlines introduces Outperform Recognition Program and sweepstakes

United Airlines today launched a new employee recognition program that also enters MileagePlus members into a sweepstakes. You can nominate up to five employees from June 1 to September 30, 2012 by using United’s mobile app (Apple and Android devices only). Your name then gets placed in the pool from which United will randomly draw winners at the end of what their press release hints might become a quarterly sweepstakes.

The prizes are pretty nice for both employees and MileagePlus members alike:

a close-up of a ticketAny United or United Express employee below the vice president level is eligible, as well as those working for MileagePlus and other corporate affiliates of United. I’m actually surprised they didn’t restrict all management employees, but I highly doubt directors and such working at corporate will get a nomination.

The “Outperform Recognition†feature on the mobile app can be found by pressing the “More†button on the homepage.

a screenshot of a applicationIt pre-populates your name and MileagePlus number, then asks for the employee’s name, last four digits of their employee number, location or department code and a space to describe your positive experience in less than 120 characters.

I actually like this type of participatory recognition program better than the old “Going the Extra Mile†certs, which were questionable whether or not they truly did anything for the employee. It also makes it easy for United to track. What I don’t like is that it’s restricted to the mobile app. I’d like to see an online web entry process, too, as not everyone uses the app.

I’m hoping to bump into the famous Annie in Sydney next month so I can nominate her. She’s a true United gem.

More details and the full terms & conditions can be found here.


  1. Unfortunately I can’t imagine this will result in many recognitions. I have been flying United for years and have yet to really come across anyone who has outperformed other than Capt. Molly Flanagan (757/767 pilot).

  2. I did encounter one FA who was absolutely outstanding. She was serving the turkey salad and I asked her if the salad was catered with cheese already on or if they just sprinkled it on top in the galley. Turns out they were catered with the cheese but she told me she could take out the cheese for me prior to serving! WOW that was amazing. She would definitely get my vote!

  3. I hope this helps them fire people. Most of them deseve it. It should be connected to managers that can meet the flight and fire the rude, inproper, and fat flight attendants that we endure in the American skies.

  4. I am f/a for continental side … and think this a terrific idea for the culture of CO has always been to outperform in the customer service area … that has been our trademark and why we are upbeat and a happy culture!

    • @Diane Kyle: I hope the program continues each quarter!
      @Mark @Juan: While I’ve had my fair share less-than-ideal encounters with some United employees, I’ve had an equal amount of stellar ones deserving of a nomination.
      @nelumbo @Gene: I knew I’d get some Smisek remarks. 😉

  5. The 120 characters is not enough room to tell a story about a great experience. Additionally, I got the information from the FA inflight but I couldn’t submit then (no internet :() and lost the information when I navigated away from the page.

    • @Molly: Ack… terrible the info went missing after navigating away. Hope you emailed United or used united.com/feedback to tell them about your great experience.

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