Update to TSA PreCheck ID Appearing on Boarding Passes

I posted previously about the TSA PreCheck identifier beginning to appear on boarding passes for those who qualify for the program. And having just checked in for my United flights, I can report a slight change from what the TSA announced.

From the TSA blog (bolding mine):

Eligible passengers will see a TSA Pre✓™ indicator on all boarding passes, even when flying out of an airport where TSA Pre✓™ is not available.

But on United, at least, the PreCheck indicator only appears on my boarding passes (both mobile and paper) from departure airports where PreCheck is available.

a close up of a document

Paper Boarding Passes With & Without PreCheck ID

a screenshot of a phone

Mobile Boarding Pass Without PreCheck ID

a screenshot of a phone

Mobile Boarding Pass WITH PreCheck ID

This isn’t anything earth-shattering for those of us in the know, but it should help eliminate confusion for the infrequent, yet PreCheck-approved fliers.

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  1. On Delta, my boarding passes follow the TSA’s formulation. Precheck has shown on all BPs, regardlesa of whether the airport has precheck.

  2. I have Pre-Check thru United due to my MileagePlus Platinum status, but how do I get Pre-Check for my occasional trip on Delta (where I have no status)? Having to go thru the regular security line – not even priority lane – when flying out of ATL is torture!

    • @Greg: Alas, it is airline specific, unless you have Global Entry where you should be able to add those credentials to your Delta SkyMiles account and qualify for PreCheck that way.

  3. Same experiences here as Adam: PreCheck has appeared on all my Delta & USAirways BPs regardless of whether the airport has it. (Batting 1.000, 8 for 8, since received GE!)

  4. @Mark: Thanks for the confirmation about Delta and US Airways… guess it’s just United with the varying PreCheck identifier.

  5. @Bruce: I would say yes, absolutely (and if there’s anyone who should have PreCheck, it’s you! 😉 )

  6. I think United has the right idea. Otherwise, I might be looking for the Pre-check line where there wasn’t one. Not all of us travel so much to know which airports do and don’t have Pre-check

  7. Darren, in responce to Bruce’s question, the answer is no. It is the same as before, some will be randomly pulled to go thru the normal lines. With that said, I have been using it with GE and I have not been turned down yet.

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