US Airways to Debut New Amenity Kit in July, Just Before Extinction

US Airways held its annual Media Day event in Phoenix today and several people I follow on Twitter were present providing updates throughout the day. Among them was Jake Redman, a BoardingArea blogger, who sent out the following that piqued my interest given my obsession with amenity kits:

a screenshot of a web pageAnd he followed that tweet up posting a small portion of US Airways’ video shown during the event, highlighting some of the new products and features the airline plans to introduce. Say hello to the soon-to-be-short-lived new US Airways amenity kit:

a red and blue sleeping mask and a pen on a white surface

Gratuitously Screen-Grabbed Image of US Airways' New Amenity Kit

a screen shot of a computer

Another View of New US Airways Amenity Kit

The kit will debut in July and includes skin care products from Red Flower, such as lotion, lip balm, and a facial towlette. Also included will be toothpaste, a toothbrush, mouthwash (yes!), facial tissues and the usual eyeshades and socks. It looks pretty average for a business class kit, but I’ll be keen to acquire one as it’ll be the last US Airways branded kit.

There were other interesting updates from the event, including the fact that US Airways (but not American) will match United’s recent $50 increase in change fees. I have to imagine American will hike their change fee rates in time.

As far as the amenity kit, I’m sorry that Red Flower will likely get a shorter-than-planned market penetration of its products. I think this will be the first time they’ve had their items promoted on such a large scale. When United and Continental merged, United ended up ditching their fairly recent partnership (at the time) with Murad and went with a new skin care manufacturer (Philosophy) for the new kits.

Which manufacturer will the merged American go with? Whoever it is, I hope American keeps the new tablet case for its first class offering.

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  1. Just posted my interview with SVP of Sales and Planning, Andrew Nocella. When I asked about how much thought goes into planning pre-merger changes like this he jokingly replied “Didn’t want to order TOO many amenity kits, I’ll say that”.

  2. Since they have a new kit, I wonder if the current kit will be placed on their online store for clearance just like the two generations before with the drawstring bag Loccitane kit ?

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