Video: Air Canada flight 015 YYZ-HKG from the flight deck and more

Here’s a pretty incredible video produced by JustPlanes featuring a behind-the-scenes look at Air Canada’s flight from Toronto to Hong Kong, AC015. It begins in dispatch and ends with a fantastic short-final video touching down in Hong Kong, also including incredible scenery from the polar route it flies in between.

One of the pilots does a walkaround, there’s a little cabin action (though on the HKG-YYZ leg), and it’s just a great video for any aviation or airline geek. Enjoy!


  1. Thanks for posting. I took this flight on January 2 from YYZ but wasn’t sitting in the window seat. Last year I did a round trip and I remember looking out the window in the Canadian far north – fantastic! Unfortunately my return flight last week from Beijing didn’t take the polar route.

  2. Thanks – great video! I’ve flown this route several times, most recently last November. I usually choose an aisle seat, either in Economy or Business, so never got a chance to really look out the window! Thanks for this 🙂

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