Video: Check-in, British Airways’ Terraces lounge SFO and Cathay Pacific First Class to Hong Kong

I finally finished editing the immense amount of video I took on my trip in First Class on Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong and posted it yesterday on YouTube. Yes, it’ll be 10 minutes out of your life if you watch it in its entirety, but if you’re an aviation geek like me, you’ll absolutely love it.

I went with live sound as music would have ruined some of the unique airplane noises I’ve grown so fond of. It includes footage of both the First Class and Business Class sections of British Airways’ Terraces Lounge at San Francisco airport, along with quite a bit of coverage on the airplane itself. Cathay certainly has an incredibly comfortable and soothing nose section on their 747s.

You’ll also see an Air France A380 parked at the gate in San Francisco, a Lufthansa A380 taking off and probably more than you care to see of an airplane lavatory. I’ve updated my Cathay Pacific Flight 879 post to include the video, but wanted to feature it as a unique post today on BoardingArea. I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Nice video. How did you make it when they tell you to turn off all your electronic devices during take off and landing. I suppose video camera also comes under the same category. Am I right?

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