Video: Lufthansa First Class trip report from Bangkok to Los Angeles via Frankfurt

I posted part one of my Lufthansa First Class experience last week, so here’s part two of my video trip report. While Lufthansa isn’t ranked quite as high as many of the Asian carriers in terms of inflight service, I had incredible crews on all of my flights and couldn’t have asked for more. Enjoy!


  1. Darren,

    That was an amazing video trip report, great music. Your blog has quickly turned into a daily stop for me. Keep up the great informative and entertaining postings!

  2. Love this video. Trip had to be amazing for as long as it was. You’ve done a great job on your blog and I’m with James checking it out daily. Kudos to you.

    • Thanks, Matthew! it’s a part of iMovie, actually, although I’ve discovered a lot of people don’t have the same version/capability on theirs… it might be included with iLife 2011 now.

  3. Nice But I have to say United to LAX for me is hell Then I get stuck on RJs from ABQ but then going to Maui is nice

    • Hi Dayone, Thanks! Both songs in that video are by Enigma. The first is titled “Push the Limits” and the second is “The Cross of Changes.”

  4. Darren…thoroughly enjoyed a well arranged account of a remarkable trip. I traveled LH from TYO to FRA on several occasions in the mid-late 1960’s. It was Senator Service (1st Class) 707 Intercontinental. Few in that cabin, so though small compared to wide bodies, it was like traveling via private jet. Our stops were: Hong Kong, Bangkok, Calcutta, Bombay, Karachi (sometimes), Kuwait OR Dhahran, Cairo, Rome (sometimes) and, finally, FRA. It was a true adventure with multiple crews and unending meals. And, yes, I even took photos in bathrooms!
    Many thanks for a unique perspective on an experience so many take for granted.

    • Hi Al,
      What a fantastic experience yours must have been and I would have loved to have taken that routing. Thanks for the feedback and so glad you stopped by to leave a comment.

      • Watched your vid again, Darren. Enjoyed it even more. We share many of the same emotions when flying. After over 50 years of traveling by air on 95 airlines and 62 aircraft, I’ve never become jaded by the passing magical scenes below. Just two days ago, we were awed as we passed over the San Juan Mountains of SW Colorado, the San Rafael Reef, Capitol Reef, Zion and then up the eastern Sierras. Spectacular. I’ve filled several passports with stamps. Hard to get them in many cases these days. I have a photo of LAX approach similar to yours, but taken when it was still under construction in 1960. Very cool. You did a great job on this, Darren. What music are we hearing?
        Thanks, again!

        • Thanks again, Al. My parents tell me I used to watch the planes intently as a baby whenever I’d see one pass, and it hasn’t stopped to this day. Happy to hear at least one more person never tires of the scenery… I see something new every single time. Both songs in that video are by Enigma. The first is titled “Push the Limits” and the second is “The Cross of Changes.”

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