Video of my takeoff from Sydney today

It was a stunning day in Sydney today. I’m fighting jet lag, but did manage to upload the video of my takeoff from Sydney today onboard United Airlines flight 840 to Los Angeles (yes… yes… I know… my electronic device was on and it shouldn’t have been). I was supposed to be on yesterday’s flight, actually, but it cancelled, so had another 24-hours in Australia courtesy of United’s mechanical.

For the avgeeks, this is N174UA and I was seated in 6K. Enjoy!


  1. Darren, cool video!

    Interestingly, I believe the building that you focused in on at the beginning was the hotel that United put me up in when my flight was canceled back in 2009. (Believe it was the Novotel Brighton Beach).

    I really can’t understand how this route is profitable for United. They seem to cancel it constantly and are then having to pay for hotels, transportation, meals and apology vouchers to hundreds of people at a time.

  2. Wow, what a beautiful day, and an amazing view.

    I really wonder about the 747 fleet. It seems every time I’m at ORD in the afternoon, I see the HKG flight delayed, sometimes significantly.

    Having an extra day in SYD must have been rough. Where did United put you up?

  3. I assume some people got out on other flights, to SFO, or other airlines. What were the options you were given for flights? I’m curious about hotels too, even though you didn’t need one.

    Hope you had a nice trip. Sounds like you did!

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