Video: Pan Am Boeing 707 Clipper service from 1958

In anticipation of tonight’s premier of the ABC television series Pan Am, I found this promotional video from Pan Am from 1958 showing the luxury and elegance of their Boeing 707 “Clipper” jet service. Note how similar the flight attendants uniforms are to those seen on the TV show. Well done, ABC, for being true to era. I need a time machine!


  1. Having been a teenager in 1958, this video commercial and its accompanying audio are hilarious! My first flight might have been around 1968, and I don’t remember the carrier. Thanks for the nostalgia, and you may have convinced me to try to watch the Pan Am series, so will try a couple episodes to see how it goes, although I’m expecting a soap opera. Might be fun because of the industry basis, however. Thanks for a fun posting!

    • I’m really hoping it’ll be a good series! Yes, I think it’ll be a bit soapish, but more to the style of Mad Men or The Sopranos vs. daytime TV-style ridiculousness.

  2. Funny thing is, basic experience has not really changed too much. Same speed, roughly same amount of space, same differentiation between business and economy. OK, no IFE or lie flat beds, but still.

    • What? Naw, there’s a huge difference. Coach at that time had generous seat pitch and free hot meals and I guarantee service from the flight attendants… er… stewardesses was top notch. I wholeheartedly disagree. 🙂

  3. AOL interviewed some former Pan Am stewardesses who previewed the TV series and they said the uniforms on the show are much “bluer” than what they actually were.

  4. New Pan Am series too soap opera for me. Pan Am captains were older and more distinguished – somewhat aloof. Captain on show looks like a regional jet captain. Also, where is the navigator?

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