Video: Rear facing seats in economy class?

I came across this video on YouTube from 2007 showcasing the “Freedom Economy Seat” manufactured by Premium Aircraft Interior Group. The concept of rear facing seats in Business Class is basically a win-win situation for airlines and passengers alike, whereby the airline can offer flat beds without sacrificing sacred cabin space. But what about coach?

It’s a pretty interesting concept, but I suppose it never really took off given we haven’t seen it introduced on any airline. I’ve flown United Airlines’ rear-facing Business Class seats quite a few times now, and my only real complaint is that you end up looking across the aisle at someone else facing your direction. It was initially a bit annoying, but I’m fairly used to it now. This economy configuration, however, might just be too close for comfort. At about 2:36 to 2:40 in the video, there appear to be privacy shields available to help combat this problem, but perhaps not well enough.

Rear facing seats in coach?



  1. I remember when WN used to have rear-facing brown leather economy seats on their older 737s. I even got the chance to ride across the country backwards in 2003. I thought that was pretty cool and that was a couple years before I became an airline nut!

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