Video: Thai Airways Airbus A380-800 virtual cabin tour

Here’s a video of the planned layout for the Thai Airways Airbus A380-800 once it enters service sometime next year. Seating a total of 507 passengers in three classes, the video takes you on a tour of each cabin highlighting some of the features & amenities. I love the Royal Silk Class (Business Class) layout where every passenger has direct access to the aisle, but the bar for that cabin appears to be inside the galley. Not sure how enjoyable that would be. Thai is a member of Star Alliance and although I have oodles of miles to spend on Star carriers, airlines tend to lock out their First Class cabins on the superjumbo from award travelers. Still, though, Royal Silk Class looks mighty comfortable & I might have to try for a Business award!


  1. I admit, I don’t ‘get’ the first class multi-purpose area. And apparently neither do they, because they don’t bother even offering any examples of how it might be used… Thanks for sharing this!

    • My pleasure. It looks to me like a waiting area if the lav(s) are in use, but yes, could have possibly been something more fantastic.

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