Video: The future of air travel according to Braniff International circa 1960s

Here’s a pretty hilarious video showing how Braniff International Airways envisioned the future of air travel on supersonic jets. It apparently was made in the 1960s, showing their interpretation of what 1975 air travel might be like. This is a must watch with some pretty amusing takeaways. Check out the woman in the silver outfit rubbing her bum. The purser recommends setting the mood control to 19 for takeoff (on a scale of what?), and you’d have the option to watch three movies. Most chuckling, however, was the statement, “when you’re hungry, you don’t have to push a hostess around, just a button.” As it was, Braniff did lease 10 Concordes from 1978 to 1980 operating a domestic leg from Dallas to Washington Dulles, where then British Airways & Air France took over to fly the overwater legs to London and Paris respectively. Enjoy!


  1. Awesome. Can’t wait for super sonic travel.

    It’s so funny that the moon buggys at IAD were supposed to bring in an era of “no more walking”. Instead we now walk about two extra miles to get to the inter terminal train.

    • @Mike: Indeed about IAD. I just today made the long walking trek via the Skytrain just to visit the Lufthansa lounge. I’ll actually miss the moon buggies if they ever go. Kind of a Dulles staple that would be a shame to retire.

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