Video: United Airlines Business Class trip report from Los Angeles to Zurich

Last month I took a trip to Switzerland for a few days, and here is part one of my video trip report. I was supposed to fly Los Angeles to Washington Dulles to Geneva, but my LAX-IAD flight went mechanical so they ended up swapping out 777s and gave us one that was fully fueled for London. The delay we took for removing the excess fuel, along with a go-around on our first attempt to land at Dulles, caused me to misconnect. Since my first night’s hotel was in Zurich and I was going to miss my scheduled train to get me there from Geneva, United booked me through Frankfurt and on to Zurich directly on Swiss.


  1. […] It took me a while, but here is the conclusion to my Switzerland trip in December 2010.  I take you on a mini-tour of Zurich Airport & the city center, followed by a 180-mile train trip skirting the Alps on my way to Geneva. I visit two Star Alliance lounges & fly back to Washington Dulles Airport in Business Class where I earned $800 in bumps for consecutive days giving up my seat on oversold flights. It was a fun trip, and if you missed the first video, check it out here. […]

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