Video: United Airlines Family Day at San Francisco Airport 2010

Next Sunday I’ll be once again attending the United Airlines Family Day event in San Francisco. It was a fun afternoon last year walking the grounds at the carrier’s Maintenance Operations Center with exhibits, multiple aircraft to walk through, vintage cars on display, speeches by executives and the opportunity to talk with some of the Blue Angels pilots. Inside one of the hangars they had tables with fantastic giveaways, so I’m hoping again to get a swag bag of goodies.

Management almost had a change of heart this year in disallowing outsiders to the event, but one particular flight attendant who helped organized our admittance last year, along with Randy Petersen, was able to open a select few slots to we enthusiasts. [Please note this event is “sold out” and if you haven’t already received an invitation, you will not be granted access.] I’m very grateful and very much looking forward to it. The FlyerTalk team won the airplane pull contest last year, too!

a group of people posing for a photo in front of a planeHere’s my video summary of last year’s event.


  1. Great video! I was signed up and ready for last year, but fell ill the night before, so I had to cancel my trip :(. Excited for this year! Hoping that some of those logo shirts may have found their way into the stock pile for this year!

  2. @Matthew: Thanks & sorry you can’t be there this year.

    @FriendlySkies: I actually hope this year they won’t have the same “grandma blue” shirts. Gray or navy blue would be so much better! My first stop when I get in will be the hangar where all the swag is.

  3. Is there a particular place to park for this event? I want to make sure I find it and get there early enough.

    Thank you

    • Hi Donna,

      Did you get the official invite acceptance? There were incredibly few slots open for “outsiders.” If you were invited, they should have sent you parking info. I probably should have been clearer in my post, so if you do have an invite and didn’t receive the parking info, please comment again and I’ll provide it. Otherwise, this event is “sold out.” My apologies!

  4. I have passes but was wondering if I needed one for my baby 2 years old. can anyone answer this question?

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