Vintage Airline Seat Map: Air France 3-Class Airbus A300

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I’ve selected a three-class Air France Airbus A300 seen flying the skies in the late 1980s.

A couple of interesting things to note below are the white seats behind row four, and those in the middle section of row 40. I’m assuming they were crew rest seats. And it appears there was no forward galley in the first class cabin.

You’d find me in 2A in first class (Première), 11A or 11L in business (Le Club), or 29C or 29L in coach.

Where would you sit?

[The horizontal view scanned the best, so click below for the full in-focus seat map.]

a diagram of an airplane seat

Air France A300 seat map

a diagram of a seat

Air France A300 seat map

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