Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines Boeing 707-323B

I previously posted American’s 707-123 and 707-323C seat maps and now bring you their sibling, the 707-323B, for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

The only difference from the -323C is the addition of seats 22A and 22F. I’ve learned the ‘C’ variant was developed as a convertible aircraft capable of switching from a passenger version to a freighter. There must have been some type of cargo door or mechanism preventing a full row of seats in row 22 on that bird.

Neat things on this aircraft are the luggage rack and bar in first class, and a coat compartment in coach. This is a pre-deregulation map from 1977, so although seat pitch information isn’t provided, I’d imagine coach was incredibly spacious and offered just about the same amount of forward space as first class.

In first class, I’d probably prefer a seat away from the galley in row four or five. In coach, 10A or 10F would be my preference for a great view of the wing, engines, landscape below and of course to watch what was probably some HD inflight entertainment. 😉

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane seat

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