Vintage Airline Seat Map: American Airlines Boeing 727-200 From 1985

Back in November I posted the pre-deregulation version of American’s 727-200 with 16 seats in first class and 111 in coach. Those were the days of generous legroom in coach, almost being equivalent to that of first class.

Here, now, is how American’s -200s changed in the post-deregulation era for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

One row of first class was removed giving this version 12 seats up front. And seat pitch was significantly tightened and rows added in back creating a cabin holding 138 passengers.

My very first flight ever was on this configuration of American’s 727-200 in 1982. I sat in 7A behind my parents and grandmother in the bulkhead seats in row 6. If this bird were flying today, I’d probably also opt for a seat near the front in coach, and 4F would be ideal in first class.

Where would you sit?

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  1. As an AA employee, I flew those BEAUTIFUL birds for many years. N716AA and N862AA were my favorites. That is an era that will not return. Something died when those planes were retired in 2002…

  2. I like American, but memories of many, many flights on these 727s are not good. I called them “square wheelers” because they rode so rough on taxis, take off, and landing. I’ll take anything in the current inventory over the 727s.

  3. If not up front, and traveling with a companion, I would try for rows 28-30. Probably pretty loud back there, though.

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