Vintage Airline Seat Map: Braniff 727-200

For this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps, I selected a single-class Braniff Boeing 727-200. Seating 160 people, I thought it was interesting Braniff elected to only have one galley area for a relatively high density aircraft. On most other airlines operating the dash-200s, you’d find a second one near the rear exit doors. Braniff was still flying back when I began mileage running, and I do remember making a few calls to them to check on fares, but they never seemed to match the lowball fares I’d frequently find on the Chicago to Kansas City route. If I did end up flying them, you’d probably find me sitting as far forward as possible, probably in a window like 3A/F or 4A/F if it was a short flight.

Where would you sit?

a drawing of a tall building

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