Vintage Airline Seat Map: Cathay Pacific Boeing 747-200 (1980s)

I previously posted the maps of Cathay Pacific’s Boeing 747-300 and 747-400 from the 1980s, and here now is their 747-200 for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. The carrier operated about 20 of this version during its peak.

Seating a total of 363 passengers, First Class offered 35 seats in the then typical 2 x 2 layout, Marco Polo Business Class seated 92 passengers in a 2 x 3 x 2 configuration, and economy class saw the standard 3 x 4 x 3 with 236 seats.

The white ‘x’ appearing on many of the bulkhead walls denote baby bassinet positions and if I were traveling alone, you’d find me in 1A in First Class (hoping there wasn’t a baby across the aisle). I still prefer sitting in the nose of a 747 vs. upstairs and this bird was flying when smoking was allowed where rows four and five are highlighted as smoking seats.

In Business Class, row 16 looks ideal to me being ahead of the wing for optimal gazing out the window. Something I find odd here, though, is that there appears to be only two lavatories for the entire main deck First Class and Business Class cabins. That’s a little punitive, in my opinion.

In economy I’d probably take an aisle seat somewhere around row 37.

Where would you sit?

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  1. Light blue reflects the lavs. There are two on the main deck for F, one on the upper deck for f.

    Then, at the back of j, there are two lavs for j use, and next to them, two lavs for y use…and more y lavs in back.

    This seems ok for f, but tight for j.

  2. actually there is just a single WC for first class lower deck – you see this where the red extends to the right hand side lavatory.

    There are then three for business class – the left hand one beside Fcl and the two at the rear of the cabin (as shown by the blue floor coloring extending to the toilets).

  3. Back when I flew business class, business class passengers were allowed to use economy class lavs. I’m sure first class passengers have access to business and economy class lavs.

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