Vintage Airline Seat Map: Continental Airlines DC-10-30 (Domestic-South Pacific)

I’ve got DC-10s on my mind this week having posted a video on Tuesday showing a “floater†landing by a United DC-10 at LAX years ago. And I’m jealous of a fellow #avgeek who’s flying a KLM MD-11 on Sunday. So… here’s a Continental Airlines DC-10-30 for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

I posted another Continental DC-10-30 seat map a while back that was labeled exclusively as “South Pacific.†The configuration appearing below is labeled as “Domestic/South Pacific†with only three fewer seats, but with some unique differences.

Primarily, a few galley and lavatory locations swapped from the other configuration, causing the cabin layout in first class and business class to vary. Each version still seated 24 in first and 31 in business, however. Coach saw the 3-seat reduction in this layout.

I’d be keen on 3A in first, 10A/L in business and 15A/L in coach.

Where would you sit?

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  1. Nice one! I’d take a window seat near the back to revive my memories of flying on these when I was a kid.

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