Vintage Airline Seat Map: Continental Airlines DC-10-30 (South Pacific)

I previously posted a Continental Airlines “Pub Version†of the Douglas DC-10-10 from the 1980s, and the one appearing below was their long-haul DC-10-30 from the same time period.

It’s reported in the Continental Wiki (sourced from a book written by a former Continental manager) that President Jimmy Carter approved Continental to begin flying from Los Angeles to Australia via Honolulu, American Samoa, Fiji and New Zealand. That service began May 1, 1979 and I’m unclear whether this bird was still flying that route in l987 when this map was published. Continental also used DC-10 equipment to fly from Los Angeles to Taipei via Honolulu and Guam.

I found a site selling old aviation items including a Continental DC-10-30 postcard with verbiage on the back stating, “… our new DC-10-30 is the ultimate in travel convenience. First Class sleeper seats for stretching out, fine food and beverages, high fidelity headphones and much more.†I remember the DC-10s having those air tubes that connected to the headsets… boy have times changed.

This aircraft was configured to seat a total of 250 passengers with 24 in First Class, 31 in Business Class and 195 in Coach. In First Class you’d find me in row two or three, likely a window. I have no idea what that extra space is behind First Class, but do have another CO -30 config to post another time that does make use of that space. In Business Class I’d be in row nine or 10 and in Coach I’d vie for the exit row aisles in row 19. Notice the lack of closets in First and Business? Maybe that’s what part of the extra space behind First contained.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane


  1. Hi Darren
    I flew on this plane From Melbourne to Honolulu in May 1987 when CO was in the process of changing it’s livery to the Globe design and converting First and Business classes into BusinessFirst. It was still in it’s Golden bird livery when I flew it.

    I was on a Business Class ticket but there was only First Class and economy seating. I sat in 2L. The seating was very old with manual extending leg rests and no PVT, but there the pitch was enormous, perhaps 70 inches+.

    The other odd thing was that they had ripped out the old Business class as there was a large empty space behind First before the economy section started. I assume they decided to keep flying the plane instead of completing the refitting to BusinessFirst.

    • @Stephen787iFly: Sorry for the delay in getting your comment posted.Thanks for the additional insight… very interesting about the large gap between First and coach.

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