Vintage Airline Seat Map: Continental Airlines DC-9-30 from 1987

For this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps, I bring you a Continental Airlines DC-9-30 seen flying the skies in 1987.

I previously posted Continental’s DC-9-10 seat map, and this “stretched†-30 version was produced in competitive response to the Boeing 737.

This bird lacked a forward lavatory, so first class passengers had to make the trek to the back like you do today on several regional jets. You’d find me seated in 3A or 3F up front.

Superstition apparently prevented numbering a row 13 in coach, but why row 20? Here, you’d find me near the front in a window seat, such as 6A or 7A.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a seat

Continental DC-9-30 seat map

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  1. Interesting plane. I could have sworn these had a mid cabin galley on them, but maybe I’m confusing them with the -50 or MD-80. Also, no smoking section?

    In any case, I’d try for a row 2 window.

    • @downhillcrasher: I don’t think any of the DC-9s (or MD-80s for that matter) had/have mid-cabin galleys. Continental is the only airline from this particular guide that doesn’t show smoking rows – I wonder why, too… did they ban it first?
      @The Weekly Flyer: Ha! Touche! 😉

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