Vintage Airline Seat Map: Delta Air Lines Boeing 727-200

I’ve selected a Delta Air Lines Boeing 727-200 for this edition of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. The carrier operated another version, with the only basic difference being that the rear galley was on the right starboard side of the aircraft. I liked the 727, as did the pilots. Takeoff thrust is eerily quiet when sitting up front (or in the cockpit as I did so many times), though not as much as the MD-80 family. The same cannot be said for those sitting in the back, and I do recall sitting back there in those last two rows on occasion or two. Nothing like piercing & vibrating Stage 2 engines for a couple of hours! In first class you’d most definitely find me in row 3 or 4 (didn’t like the galley view from rows 1 & 2), and in coach I’d be content with a seat in rows 10-13.

Where would you sit?

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