Vintage Airline Seat Map: Delta Air Lines Boeing 757-200

Here’s the original configuration of Delta’s Boeing 757-200 fleet from the 1980s for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

Many airlines initially offered a split first/coach layout forward of door two on this aircraft, including Delta, Eastern and Northwest. As shown below, Delta had 16 first class and 15 coach seats in this section of the plane. In total, coach seated 171 passengers.

I still laugh at the “buffer zone” between smoking and non-smoking back then. In first class I’d be in a window mid-cabin, such as 2D or 3A. And in coach I’d prefer either 11A or something in rows 21-23.

Where would you sit?

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  1. Good point! I especially like that there is no ‘buffer’ between row 4 and the mini coach cabin! Sometimes its easy to forget how people used to smoke everywhere.

  2. Remember Northwest had that mini coach cabin through the early 2000s, then quietly expanded First Class to 24 seats. I think it was only 12 seats in first class for a while.

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