Vintage Airline Seat Map: Eastern Air Lines Boeing 727-100

The Boeing 727 remains one of my favorite aircraft types and I’ve selected an Eastern Air Lines 727-100 from 1987 for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps.

To me, the 727 has a design as unique and iconic as the 747. From the S-shaped number two engine duct to the deeply swept back wings, she’s just one sexy aircraft. Eastern was the launch customer for the 727 and the carrier flew their first passenger service with the -100 on February 1, 1964. While not with Eastern, I’m happy to have flown on many 727-100s in the 1980s with United Airlines.

Seating a total of 119 passengers, 12 seats are found in First Class in the typical 2 x 2 layout, and 107 seats in the 3 x 3 configuration were present in coach. Row two is always my preference in a three-row First Class section, so you’d find me in 2A or 2D. In coach, I’d probably vie for a window in row 16 or 17 for a great view of the wing in coach.

Where would you sit?

[Sorry for the bleed-through of the other visible aircraft… new scanner.]

a diagram of a bridge


  1. Interesting. No first class galley.

    DL also ran 12 seats, but it was 8 on the port side and 4 on the starboard side…to accommodate a fairly spacious f galley.

    Also note the odd location of door 1R.

  2. @NYBanker: The shorter -100s all had that mid-galley surrounding door 1R. I’ll have to look for a DL map.

    @dwh: I think they’re excluding seat 15C.

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