Vintage Airline Seat Map: Jet America Airlines MD-82 from 1987

It’s time for some narrowbody love for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. Not to be confused with the Jet America that planned to begin service in 2009, but never got off the ground, Jet America Airlines was a Long Beach, California-based carrier that operated from 1981 until 1987.

The carrier had eight of the MD-82 aircraft shown below and if Wikipedia is correct, served 12 destinations at its peak – LGB, SNA, OAK, ORD, MSP, STL, PDX, DFW, DTW, DCA, SEA and LAS. It’s also interesting to note they operated a pair of Boeing 707s briefly in 1984 out of Philadelphia for charters.

In 1986, the carrier received buyout offers from both Delta Air Lines and Alaska Airlines, the latter of which they accepted. Jet America continued to operate independently until October 1987, at which time it was fully absorbed into Alaska.

Seating a total of 147 passengers, First Class had the typical 2 x 2 layout with 12 seats and coach was configured 2 x 3 to hold 135. Flying near the front on MD-80s is always enjoyable due to the distance from the engines and quiet slipstream, so I’d be in 2A in First Class and 5A in coach.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane


  1. Yeah, but in Row 2 you’re right in front of a guy blowing smoke in your hair, and you can probably still smell it in Row 5!

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