Vintage Airline Seat Map: Midway Airlines DC-9-10

Midway Airlines was founded in 1976 but began operations in 1979 as one of the first low-cost airlines compliments of the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978. Based out of Chicago’s Midway Airport, the airline had a modest start with DC-9 aircraft purchased from TWA and served Cleveland, Detroit and Kansas City. During its heyday in the mid-1980s, Midway’s route structure grew to 40 destinations and in 1990 the carrier began operating a second hub in Philadelphia. Due to competitive pressures out of PHL and the rising cost of jet fuel, Midway ceased operations in 1991 (not before I was a member of their FlyersFirst frequent flyer program and got a card).

a close up of a card Now I know the widebodies are far more interesting when it comes to seat maps, but I’ve gotta give the narrowbodies some love from time to time. Here is Midway’s Douglas DC-9-10 seating 83 passengers in an all coach configuration. The greatest legroom according to the text can be found at seats 2A&C (their denotation of ‘B’ is an error, it seems) and 8A&C, which the latter I find odd as it’s the row ahead of the emergency exit. You’d definitely find me in a window seat for the short hops Midway used to serve… probably 2A or 3A.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a buffet and lavatory


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