Vintage Airline Seat Map: Northwest Airlines 747

As I mentioned in my original Vintage Airline Seat Map post, the DC-10 is absolutely one of my favorite airplanes. The 747 is right up there, so I’d be hard-pressed to ever commit to an all-time favorite.

This week, I’m featuring a Northwest Airlines 747. I’m not exactly sure if this is a -100 or -200 series, but Northwest did have about three times more 747-200s in their fleet in total. Divided into three classes, it featured 18 sleeper seats in First Class, 48 Executive class seats, and 334 coach seats. Now it might just be me, but doesn’t that economy cabin look awfully cramped? I’d love to know the seat pitch figures. The cabin configuration in Executive Class is “unique” and almost as if they were showcasing the lavatories. For me, though, nothing beats sitting in the nose of a 747. There is just something aesthetically appealing and exclusive about it. It’s also fun to know that you’re actually further forward than the cockpit if you’re sitting in the first row (perhaps not as drawn here). You’d find me in 4A likely, maybe 5A, but definitely not 8A or 8B.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a seat


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