Vintage Airline Seat Map: Pan Am Boeing 737-200

Here’s a unique one for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. Pictured below is a Pan Am Boeing 737-200 seating 116 passengers in an all coach configuration. Well… they designated rows 1-4 as Clipper Class, and those were likely sold as such when these birds were originally flying in Europe.

According to several threads on, Pan Am’s fleet of 737s came stateside once their European routes were dismantled.

Row one was likely rear-facing and I wouldn’t particularly like to look at the whole cabin, so you’d find me in a window seat a bit further back. No real galley appears to be present and I would assume there were indeed two lavatories in the rear, unlike how it’s marked.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a building

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  1. Never flew on Pan Am, but with all the talk of how glamorous it was supposed to be, this plane look surprisingly and particularly un-glamorous.

  2. Haven’t seen a new ‘Vintage Airline Seat Map’ in a while. I miss them. Have you stopped doing these?

    • @downhillcrasher: I posted one last Friday and a new one will definitely be posted this week (had some down time for medical reasons recently, so my blog went quiet for a few weeks, but I’m back!) Thanks for asking – glad to know people continue to enjoy them.

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