Vintage Airline Seat Map: Pan Am Boeing 747

a drawing of a planeI was curious to see the full cabin layout of the Pan Am Boeing 747 featured in this video from 1989, so here is a “blended†edition of Vintage Airline Seat Maps. By blended, I’m referring to the difference in first class seating from the video as compared to the full South American version posted below. It appears Pan Am reconfigured these birds to allow 21 seats in a 5-row format in the nose vs. the 4-row 18 seat format shown below. I’ll post the other version another time, but the nose shot on the right matches up with the rest of the plane from the video.

In first class, you’d definitely find me in 1J if I were traveling alone; otherwise row 2 is usually my preference on a 747. In Clipper Class (I love that name), I’d prefer row 7 (the video shows the cabin area around row 14-19). In economy, I’d likely be in one of the two-seater rows with 38-40 JK being favorable.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane


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