Vintage Airline Seat Map: TWA DC-9-15

A reader contacted me over the weekend to ask if I might have a seat map for a TWA DC-9 as he wanted to confirm where he sat having found some old tickets. So, for this installment of Vintage Airline Seat Maps I bring you the following DC-9-15 from 1987 seating a total of 75 passengers; 8 in First Class and 67 in coach. Similar to the Midway Airlines DC-9-10 I posted earlier this month, there isn’t a lavatory in the front of the plane and I’m a bit surprised TWA chose to sacrifice a row of seats to accommodate a storage closet there at row 19. In First Class I’d be in 3A or 3F and in coach you’d find me in 10A or 10C if there was additional legroom due to the overwing exit, otherwise 6A or 6C.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane


  1. funny to see smoking…it may as well all be smoking, everyone is trapped in with the smoke. Thanks for sharing.

  2. @Mangi @aadvantagegeek @AnaLiss: Thanks for the feedback and I’m always happy to hear I’m not the only one geeking out on seat maps. I do have a collection of maps from various sources, so will have plenty new ones to post in the year(s) to come.

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