Vintage Airline Seat Map: United Airlines Boeing 747-200 YR

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I’ve selected a United Airlines Boeing 747-200 seen flying the skies in the mid to late 1990s.

This configuration, classified as “YR,†seated 369 passengers in the typical three- class international layout and featured a spiral staircase to the upper deck. Having two lavatories upstairs is impressive given the limited real estate of the short-hump 747s (the -100s flying at the same time only had one).

You’d find me in 2A in first class, 10A or 11A in business, and I’d probably opt for 29G in coach even though that mini-cabin from rows 20-23 might be quieter.

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane

United Airlines 747-200 YR seat map

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  1. I flew HKG-LAX on United in 1995 as a youngin’ with my parents. We had no status, but somehow we were upgraded to business. Do you know why they did that?

    • @Ken Y: Operational upgrades back in the 1990s were VERY frequent due to United overselling coach by a pretty big margin (much greater than they do today). I say this as having worked at United back then in inventory management. 😉

      • I was upgraded to first class once on a Delta 757. I wasn’t impressed. Wider seats and faster service is all I saw as a difference.

  2. Hm, alright. Too bad I wasn’t old enough to appreciate it… though it must have been angled flat or recliner anyway. Follow-up: why do they say load factors were way lighter back then if they oversold by so much more?

  3. @Ken Y: Domestically, load factors back then were much lighter due to overcapacity. Internationally, loads in the premium cabins were lighter and typically never sold out.

  4. I did a lot of TPACs in economy on those – I liked D or K as it minimized the chance of someone climbing over me…..
    I remember complaining at check in to be given a B seat – the agent said “no, it is an aisle” then I slowly I realized I had been upgraded! The agent never actually said anything though….

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