Vintage Airline Seat Map: World Airways DC-10-30 from 1987

It’s time for another Vintage Airline Seat Map and I’ve selected an unusual one this week. World Airways – I know… they mislabeled it World Airlines – primarily flew (and currently flies) members of the military to war zones the world over along with other contracted business.

If Wikipedia is correct, they currently operate a couple of different configurations of the MD-11, the successor to the DC-10 – some with “premium†seating unlike the all coach 354-seater Douglas bird below.

It’s interesting that this seat map denotes row nine as having the most legroom. Perhaps it did, but if I were flying on this airplane, you’d find me in one of the exit row aisles or maybe seat 3D or 3G. I’d have to imagine the pitch was pretty tight. Also notice the bank of seven lavs in the back… whoa!

Where would you sit?

a diagram of a plane


  1. I flew on one of these as a replacement for a JAT aircraft that went tech in the early 90’s.

    the JAT plane was also a DC-10, but operated in two classes.

    given the replacement world airways was single class, those of us in ‘business’ were allocated the entire front of the aircraft to ourselves… so three seats occupied out of the 80 or so there!

    the JAT model was only 2-5-2 in coach compared to 3-4-3 on world, so there were a few spare seats in an otherwise packed cabin.

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